Photography Competition

02 April 2020

Coming soon! #BRNDSWN invites you to submit a raw, unedited photo portraying the spirit of our City and County of Swansea, the people and the places, for your chance to win a cash prize. Budding and professional photographers alike (no extravagant equipment necessary, mobile phones are encouraged) are invited to capture an image and enter into one of the following categories:

#whoarewe: a portrait image representing the culture and the people of Swansea.

#wherearewe: a landscape image depicting the places within Swansea we love.

Once the competition has closed to new entries, #brndswn will give you the opportunity to vote on your favourite submissions, which you believe encapsulates our City. Selected submissions will be showcased around the city centre in local businesses, venues and hopefully projected onto City buildings for all to celebrate. Your voted ‘Top favourites’ will be presented to a community panel to select a winner from each category.

Whilst we’re all longing for the opportunity to get out into the City and surrounding areas, particularly as the weather warms, the competition is subject to COVID restrictions. Details on how to enter your submission and deadline for entries will be released soon.



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