City of Independents

30 March 2020

Swansea prides itself in its plethora of independent businesses, the backbone of our community. With larger chains opting to close doors in the city centre, the City is looking to our local small enterprises, and if we’ve learnt anything over the past year it is how beneficial it is to our community to nurture our locally owned businesses. 

Why choose to shop at an independent?

  • Driving local economy: These businesses are providing the most jobs across the country and according to Small Business UK research suggests that spending just £10 at a local independent shop means £50 goes back into the local economy by local business owners.

  • Community investment loop: Local businesses very often support local charities and social projects in the community, they are invested in our community.

  • Positive Environmental impact: More local employers results in less travel overall for staff and customers, local businesses are usually within walking distance reducing the need to travel far in cars. Such businesses often support other local businesses, reducing supplier carbon footprints.

  • Service with a smile: Run by members of our community, offering a personal touch and care to customer service. In addition to providing service customised to the needs of the community.

#BRNDSWN presents a handful of small businesses owned by the entrepreneurs of our community: our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends.


Situated on Bryn-y-Mor Road, owned by Alec, Tamara and Angie, Hoogah is a café, bar and kitchen in Brynmill embracing the Danish ‘hygge’ lifestyle. #Hoogah merges their passions for locally sourced produce and high quality, wholesome food offered in a toasty, friendly environment within walking distance of the Bay, City centre or the Swansea University’s Park Campus. Whilst current COVID restrictions limit our socialisation, you can choose to have the Hoogah experience delivered right to your door and this Valentine’s day you and your fellow-cheese lover can create the Hoogah cheese fondue experience at home with their new DIY kit:


Whilst lockdown has presented challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes, it has lit the fire in the bellies of many entrepreneurs across the city. Sophie from Good Thymes Gardening is growing a niche wellbeing service supporting our community in improving mental health and wellbeing through gardening and interacting with nature. Delivering wellbeing allotments through social prescription, structured programmes and group/individual services, Good Thymes Gardening is helping our community positively impact physical, emotional and mental health through gardening and growing produce. Now is the time to focus on your health and happiness, and what better way to do that than to cultivate our instinctive affinity towards nature. 


As a city famed for its surf spots, it comes as no surprise that we are home to a growing community of surfers. From surf schools for people with additional needs to custom surfboard shapers, Swansea attracts surfing enthusiasts from across the World. Hiatus, a newer addition to Bryn y Mor Rd in Brynmill, are leading the way for a sustainable future with their collection of clothing, responsible outdoor and lifestyle items. Don’t let the lockdown put a stop to your shopping, their local delivery or click and collect options allows you to peruse their online store from the comfort of your home. This means during a lockdown you can be responsible and stay home, whilst also responsibly shopping with Hiatus. 


Uplands, often compared to the cosmopolitan Notting Hill, is home to a number of independent businesses but Crumb's kitchen, in particular, attracts customers from across the city with its delicious meat-free menu (veggie and vegan options). Food and drinks are available to take-away which will warm you up as you head out on your wintery walk through the park. When lockdown eases, take a seat in Gwydr Square, enjoy a fresh, nutritious Crumbs vegetarian breakfast and soak up the buzz of this trendy neighbourhood. 

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