Cafe, bar and kitchen on Brynymor Road, Brynmill serving high-quality local produce in a warm, cosy 'hygge' [HOO-GAH] environment.

There's nothing more hygge than sitting around a table discussing the big and small things in life. Friends and family, that's hygge too. A glass of wine in the warm glow of candlelight. It's all hygge. Hygge is good food, enjoyed slowly. It is a sincere conversation and the art of savouring the moment.

Hoogah offers simple food and drinks done well, using quality ingredients from many local and ethical suppliers. It's a no-fuss place, where you can order a coffee until close, a pizza at 5 to 10 pm or a stress-busting cocktail after a hard day studying or working.


  • 68 Brynymor Road,
  • Brynmill
  • Swansea, SA1 4JJ
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Some of our Favourites


Pizza, Handmade, Food & Drink, Food to Go
Choose from an assortment of pizzas made using Little Valley Bakery sourdough, with thoughtfully selected toppings from wild boar, pickled fennel and honey to a fiery tabasco smothered courgette, black olive and artichoke option.

Desserts, oh Yes

Food & Drink, Food to Go, Coffee Shop
Bring a good book, grab a comfy seat and indulge yourself with a chocolate-filled pretzel and a Coaltown Coffee - true hygge style!

Craft Beer

Craft Beer, Brewery, Beer Riff, Lager, IPA, Local Produce
If you're a fan of the selection of craft beer available in-house, why not join the Craft Beer Club and take home your favourites in the swish Hoogah growler bottles.


Breakfast, Food to Go, Takeaway, Food & Drink
Start your day in style with a granola jar layered with organic coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit or a toasty, veg-packed Shakshuka skillet. Choose from a full menu of vegan and vegetarian options, including a 'build your own brunch'.

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