Brontosaurus Vegan

Swansea's first dedicated vegan store is a one-stop-shop for all things Vegan! Based in the historic Swansea Market, Brontosaurus Vegan stocks food, cosmetics, toiletries, household products and more.

As veganism and flexitarianism are on the rise, the Brontosaurus Vegan store has everything you need and are even offering a delivery service thanks to the BrontoBus - toot toot!

Voted 'Best Vegan Store' in Wales by the Viva! Vegan campaigning charity, Brontosaurus Vegan store prides itself in the assortment of vegan goods from nutritional products to plant-based cheeses, magazines and more. 


  • 23B Swansea Indoor Market,
  • Swansea Indoor Market
  • Swansea, SA1 3PQ
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Some of our Favourites

vegan, plant-based, one planet.vegan, plant-based, one planet.

White Rabbit Kitchen

cheese, vegan, plant-based, one planet.
Choose from blue, Brie, Camembert, rarebit, smoked, spicy...or treat yourself to the whole range!
vegan, plant-based, one planet.vegan, plant-based, one planet.


vegan, plant-based, one planet.
Let's fill the Brontobus with this award-winning vegetarian haggis - don't forget to pick up some veggies from the Market to serve with it.

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